21, Oct
What Can I Do With Large Cardboard Boxes?


You can reuse large cardboard boxes for all kinds of crafts. These ideas include building cat toys, creating tables, planters, and even chandeliers. They will make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. These ideas are also great ways to get your creativity flowing! Whether you're moving or simply need a place to store your boxes, you can find Budget Hauling Inc. sacramento moving company to use them!

Make a cat toy

A large cardboard box makes a great cat toy. It's easy to make and will provide hours of entertainment for your feline friend. Once you've made the box, seal it up with packing tape and use a box cutter to make large holes in the sides. You'll need a box with a couple of inches of cardboard remaining. Once you've cut the hole, add pipe cleaners or other toys to keep your cat entertained.

If you're feeling ambitious, you can make a cat ball out of cardboard. This simple toy can be stuffed with catnip or even a small amount of catnip. For a fun cardboard toy for your cat, you'll need a large cardboard box, scissors, and yarn. Cut out a few donut-shaped cardboard pieces and wrap the yarn around them. The more yarn you use, the puffier it will be.

Make a table

To make a table from large cardboard boxes, you will need four pieces. The table top is 60 x 43 cm and can be folded in half. The legs are made of 68 x 40 cm cardboard and have three notches, a tab closure and a slot. The size of the slots and tongues should vary from 10 to 15 cm. Once the cardboard is cut to fit, glue the pieces to form the table.

First, cut a tube from a cardboard box. The tube should be long enough to support a coffee table, but the top should be short enough that it can also be used as a side table. You should also cut the sides of the box so that you have an arch shape on them. Then, use the cutter to cut the arch out. Once the arch is cut, place the inner piece of the cut arch on the other side of the box and glue it down securely.

Make a planter

To make a planter, you can use a large cardboard box or a garbage bag. Fold the bag over the box so it covers all four sides. Next, make drainage holes in the bottom of the box or garbage bag. This will allow excess water to drain away from the soil. Make sure to make one hole every four inches along the bottom surface.

Choose sturdy cardboard boxes for the planter while moving. Avoid using wet or damaged cardboard. You can also use duct tape to reinforce the seam of the bottom box. It will also strengthen the outer walls of the planter.

Make a chandelier

One great way to recycle large cardboard boxes is to make a chandelier out of them. This is an easy way to save money while creating an eye-catching light fixture. If you have large cardboard boxes lying around, you can turn them into a chandelier by filling them with shredded paper. You can then place the chandelier inside. Be sure to place it on a cushioned surface. Some moving company can help you out.

Once you've cut out a chandelier, use the X-acto knife or paper cutter to make it symmetrical. It's also a good idea to use a piece of bubble wrap to prevent the pieces from moving around during transportation.

Make a dresser

Cardboard boxes can be used in many ways. Not only can they be repurposed as storage containers, but you can also create a dresser out of them. You can cut them into compartments to store small clothing items, or cut a cereal box into several smaller compartments. You can also decorate a blah box by covering it with decorative paper.

Using a large cardboard box as a dresser will help you create a functional storage piece that is both unique and beautiful. The back and front of the box can be covered with lace or other frilly fabrics. If you're feeling particularly artistic, you can attach a small tote to the top of the box to make it look like a mini dresser.